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Serious Discussion Rules

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Serious Discussion Rules

Post by Konata-bot on Wed Mar 12, 2014 11:18 pm

Just to preface matters: Vantage gave me the permission to write the Guidelines for this section. For whatever reason I wanted to write this. So, I did, I sent it to Vantage for his approval (since originally he was planning to write the guidelines), and he told me I have his approval to post this.

Out of all the General sections, this is the section meant to house the most serious of topics. This is the realm meant for the serious topics of life, philosophy, and intelligent debate. Obviously, though, it’s hard to tell which topics go in this section and which go into the standard “General” section. It should also be mentioned that a more sophisticated conduct is expected in “Serious Discussions” than what you would suspect in the other sections of Dueling Network Forums. When contributing to this section, you should consider the following guidelines:

--Topics should be complicated and serious enough to warrant complex answers. If a topic can be discussed in its entirety in a completely chatty format it probably belongs somewhere else. The topics don’t need to be as formal as a classroom discussion, but it should at least be more complex than idle chit-chat and gossip.
--With that said, responses to topics should be substantial. For instance, if a topic was a debate, it’s advised that a response consists more than an “I agree to this!” You should build a case; at the very least you should why you hold your opinion.

--At times thick-skin is necessary. Not every topic in “Serious Discussions” will be a heated debate, but if you participate in one you should expect it to be a gauntlet of conflicting ideas. A poster in this section must accept that there will be opposing views and those views will dissect and likely undermine the poster’s.

--Of course, all of Dueling Network Forum’s rules apply to this section. However, pay close attention to any of the rules regarding flaming and other rules of interaction between other members. Heated debates are fine and to be expected, but be aware the weakest of flamers can turn a debate into an all-out war that detracts from the original point of the topic.


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