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General Discussion Guidelines

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General Discussion Guidelines Empty General Discussion Guidelines

Post by Konata-bot on Wed Mar 12, 2014 11:22 pm

Welcome to the General Section. The General Section is a section used to discuss anything that does not fall under another category. Before Posting here you must first decide whether your topic should be posted in the General Section. Look at each of the other Sections on the forum. If the topic doesn't fit into the other sections the General Section is your place.

The General Section is not a Spam Section. The Spam Paradise is where nonsensical posts should be posted. Anything that should be posted in the Spam Paradise that is posted in the General Section will be deemed spam. Posts that should be posted in other sections (such as discussion on an anime or video game) will be moved to the proper section. A mod will remind you that those types of topics should be posted in that section. Neglecting to post topics in the proper section multiple times will be deemed spam and dealt with as such.

The General Section is not a blog. Please do not use it to rant about how you just got smashed by a tier 1 deck, or how you cannot connect to DN. Blog like topics will be locked. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but sometimes we just don't want to read a wall of text about someone mad at some other thing/event/etc. This also goes for ranting about admins or calling other users out. Also, please don't post topics on how much you love and appreciate admins. This topic has been posted to death. It also comes off as "sucking up".

We don't want to see your "awesome troll/l33t" speak here. Please try and post in a respectful, meaningful, helpful, readable, and civilized manner. We also don't want to see your cool screenshot from your latest duel. We're happy you summoned Quasar against a new duelist, we really are, just don't post it here. Save these types of screenshots and blog type posts for your status updates. If a topic can be posted as a Status Update it probably shouldn't be posted here, unless it is significant enough.

"Hey everyone, look I just finished watching DBZ"
"Man I hate Pokemon! its so lame so cancel the series"

These types of things should be used for status updates and you shouldn't make topics about them here.

Please don't post simplistic topics here. Put effort into your topic. If a mod deems your topic to be of low quality and effort it will be locked and a spam warning may be dealt. Stuff like one sentence opening posts, "read topic title for topic", simple questions and the like are not allowed. Please only post meaningful content that can actually spawn discussion not "what is the point of this topic" type posts.

Anime Related Topics should be posted in the Anime Sections. Please keep them there. Likewise if a topic has a section made specifically for it it should be posted there.

Don't Mini-mod. This is very annoying. Just report the content and move on. We have mods for a reason, but sometimes we don't see rule breaking content. For this reason please report it. Saying "This topic should be locked" is useless cause if a mod is reading that, they were most likely gonna do it anyway. We also don't need to be told how to do our jobs. Mini-modding will be treated as mini-modding and spam. It contributes nothing to the topic and derails it.

If you see a rule breaking topic (especially spam ones) please just avoid the topic. Don't post in it, report it. If you want free posts by posting in a spam topic I will just give you a little tip: "it doesn't work". We usually hide those topics, and when the forum recounts posts you'll lose those "free posts" you got. Also, posting in these topics is also spam. All you're doing is enabling the spam and generating more. One "free post" is not worth 1-2 Warning Points and being suspended from the forum.

Mods can ban users from a single topic. So if you're causing trouble in a certain topic you will be banned from that topic specifically. For example if you're "trolling" in the Picture topic then you'll lose access to that topic and that topic only. Depending on the severity warning points may be issued depending on the offense.

Topics suggesting additions to DN or asking why you "cannot connect to DN" should not be posted here. Please use the section designed specifically for them, they are named appropriately for their purpose. This also goes for asking about your bans and reports. Please use the Ban/Abuse Report Link at the top navigation under the site banner/logo.

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