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    The Illuminati

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    The Illuminati

    Post by Mina Tepes on Sun Mar 16, 2014 6:38 pm

    You see the title, you most likely already know what it is about or maybe not.  If you do not, I guess I should give a very small summary.

    Basically, the U.S. government is ran by a shadow government that worships the devil!  They also think that other governments are also controlled by these.  It is a conspiracy that is supposedly all around you!  These satanic worshipers use the eye of the horus and all sorts of subliminal messages and icons to show you they are there, some even say it brain washes us!  In music videos there are subliminal messages or the all seeing eye, sometimes the freemasonry symbol.  The are in video games too, they are in the lyrics of your favorite music.  Some of your favorite songs sing about them but you don't even know it.  This secret society, they control the governments, presidents, media, food, medicine! Eventually they will bring the end of man, some say the bible has warned us about them, they will be lead by the antichrist, or that they are the antichrist. . .

    So what do you think?  Or do you?
    Mina Tepes
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