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Spam Paradise rules Empty Spam Paradise rules

Post by Konata-bot on Wed Mar 12, 2014 11:17 pm

In this section the Spam Rules of the forum is more relaxed. This does not mean you may spam the forum to oblivion though. Some Spam Rules still apply. I will outline the various rules that will be enforced here and those that will not:

Guidelines on Making a Topic:
Topics must have some sort of meaning and not just out of the blue and random. Yes meaningfulness is subjective and changes from person to person, but if the general thought is that the topic is too spammy even for the Spam Paradse and/or it is too random then it will be locked.
1-3 Word, Single Image/Gif/Video posts are not allowed for the opening post.
Duplicate topics are subjective. If we feel a topic has been done to death it will be locked.
The following are NOT forbidden in this section:
1-5 Words post on topic posts.
Quoting a post and nothing more. This also includes quoting a post and providing minimal input of your own.
Emoticon heavy posts (still must include 1-5 on topic words min.).
Single Image or gif  posts. This also includes videos and image heavy posts.
Effort on grammar and spelling is recommended, but is not necessary. Please try and make your posts readable to a degree though.
The following ARE forbidden in this section:
Off topic posts that have nothing to do with anything (random posts).
Single emoticon posts. This also includes pure emoticon posts.
Double posting
Counting Games
Please do not post random topics here that has the sole purpose to "chat". We have a forum chat for a reason. Don't make topics used solely to start random conversation to reach an arbitrary goal.

Please keep in mind to still adhere to the forums Terms of Service. This may be a spam section but we still have forum rules and regulations (that you agreed to when you signed up) to follow. It is your responsibility as a member to be fully aware and adhere to the Terms of Service. This being a spam section it just means you can be more relaxed in posting content and don't have to worry about certain spam rules. You can have fun! Just make sure to follow the Terms of Service and Forum Rules as well. Actions such as posting pornography/illegal material, trolling, flaming others, hate topics, etc,. are still forbidden and will be deleted upon site and your Dueling Network Forums account will be receive the appropriate amount of warning points depending on the offense. Depending on the severity of the offense, your account may also be completely suspended (in the case of posting pornography and/or illegal material/phishing scams/hacking. We have a 0 tolerance rule against this and you account will most likely be suspended on the spot).

Super Moderators reserve the right to use their own discretion when locking/deleting/etc topics in this section.

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